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Rescue essentials kit
Packs into a compact Skytex™ stuff sack
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Rescue essentials kit
Essential items to survive a tree incident
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Rescue essentials kit
Attaches securely to a loop in your harness pocket
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Rescue essentials kit
Lifesaving potential in a small, top-quality package

Rescue essentials kit  55 € 65 €

Our kit is made up of carefully selected emergency equipment for paragliders to survive a collision with a tree, cable or other obstacle. It's important to remember that these incidents do not only happen to others! Even experienced pilots may find themselves in a situation where help is required. Developed with input from rescue professionals and IFMGA mountain guides, our essentials help prevent a bad situation from becoming much worse.

Strongly recommended by the FFVL, PGHM and civil security in many countries. Free shipping with two or more kits. Volume discounts for clubs and schools.

** Pilot logo buff included with your order!

These tools are designed to assist the pilot with escaping entanglement, treating injuries and avoiding a serious secondary accident while waiting for help to arrive. Equipment is also included to assist in raising a rescuer's rope, a whistle to aid in signaling and a survival blanket to temporarily ward off hypothermia and/or protect against sun exposure.

- The Gerber GDC hook knife is capable of quickly and safely cutting lines and risers. Lifesaving potential in a small package, the stainless steel hook blade can be used to extricate yourself if you become entangled in your paraglider lines. Featuring a circular 6061 T6 aluminum handle with thumb grip, the knife locks into an integrated sheath when not in use. Blade specs: 5cm type 7Cr17 stainless steel. Weight: 15.4g.
- 180cm Dyneema® sling with a locking carabiner, used to secure yourself to the nearest solid branch or anchor point to prevent a more serious secondary fall. Made by Simond in Chamonix.
- A mini aluminum spool loaded with 30 meters of 0.3mm Dyneema® line, used to raise a rope from rescuers on the ground. We selected this line for its low elongation properties, light weight and a breaking strength of 120N. It's ideally suited as an ultra-compact yet strong and easily deployable emergency retrieval line.
- 2 x 7.5 cm square gauze pads and a 8cm x 4m elastic bandage.
- 2 x 3M Nexcare comfort bandages.
- An Aqua Marine Whistle, rated at 106 decibels. Essential if no other means of communication with rescuers is available. Approved to ISO 12402 standards.
- A 210 x 140cm survival blanket. This has multiple uses, including adding a few precious degrees of warmth, protection from direct sun, as a rain cover or as signaling mirror to assist helicopter crews in locating you from above.

Dimensions: approx. 13 x 9 x 6cm
Weight: 200g

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